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Visiting the Queen

We’ve had two ‘big birthdays’ in our house recently. Mine was in the summer, and I decided to visit the Queen … actually, Buckingham Palace to be precise. While the Queen takes her summer break away from London, members of the public can tour The State Rooms, Buckingham Palace and view the places seen in royal documentaries and dramas (e.g. Victoria, The Crown). Well worth a visit!

It’s been said that when your age has ‘9’ as the second digit it can often be an unsettling and difficult year. You can sometimes feel that things are beyond your control and tempus fugit … time flies away from you. Since time is such a precious resource, we shouldn’t waste it being unhappy with our lives. To use another Latin phrase – carpe diem – we should seize the day.

After the palace we visited the Wellcome Collection‘s exhibition 'Smoke and Mirrors: The Psychology of Magic’ which was fascinating. So, what was my subconscious mind telling me through my choice of exhibition? That we can be easily fooled. We can even deceive ourselves into believing what isn’t true. We can tell ourselves we’re living a rewarding and fulfilling life and we are ‘happy enough’ when in truth we would really love to change our unsatisfactory job, career, home life, habits etc. but it all seems just too difficult for us or even impossible.

Being a coach not only gives me purpose – to help others live life to its full potential – it also helps me think more clearly about what I want from life. Maybe I didn’t get to meet the Queen this summer but I feel all the richer for knowing I am doing what I have chosen to do with my time.

If you are struggling with similar issues, coaching can help you to reflect and consider deeply how you want to spend your time and what you need to do to live your life to its full potential.

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