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This page contains Self-Coaching Resources that answer, in concise and plain English, a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) during coaching ... or a question that should be asked during coaching.

These Resources are intended to provide some essential information and complement coaching.  They are not intended to replace the need for coaching as circumstances will vary between different people.

"As a consultant in the NHS with a responsibility for the wellbeing of a large group of junior doctors,
I have found these a very helpful resource to signpost people to and have no doubt they will find them useful."     

Mr Jonny Rust, Consultant in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, University Hospital Southampton UK


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The Self-coaching guides listed further down this page, plus extra material, have been made into an eBook.  Each chapter answers a question on a specific topic, with the topics grouped under the following bigger questions:

- My MindWhat happens in my mind?

- My LifeWhat direction is my life taking?

- My Values & Attitudes – What’s important in my life and how can I be more resilient?

- My Skills & BehavioursWhat’s important for me to do and how can I do better?

- My Relating to OthersWhat’s important for me to do for others and how can I do better?


In answering each question, this book provides a brief understanding of a topic and a summary of relevant methods and tools.  At the end of each chapter there is ‘More Information’ for those who want to go deeper into a topic.  Also, at the end of the book the author recommends ‘Further Reading’ for those interested in pursuing more self-coaching and personal growth. 
My eBook costs £1.99 and can be found by clicking this link and can be read using an eBook reader, e.g. a Kindle

Alternatively, my eBook can be downloaded in a PDF format for FREE by clicking this link and can be read using a suitable PDF Reader.


Individual Self-Coaching Guides, which can be downloaded in a PDF format for FREE, are listed below.

Just click on the guide you want to download.

1. How can I bring more balance into my life?  (Ikigai) 


2. How can I handle ‘new things’ better?  (First Times)


3. How can I manage my time more effectively?  (Time Management)


4. How can I become a much better listener?  (Listening)


5. How can I find purpose in my life?  (My Purpose)


6. How can I have better one-to-one conversations?  (One-To-One)


7. How can I have focused and structured conversations?  (GROW)


8. How can I ask effective questions?  (Questions)

9. How can I handle ‘change’ better?  (SCARF)

10. How can I understand my wellbeing?  (PERMA)

11. How can I set achievable life goals?  (Life Goals)

12. How can I manage my personal finances better?  (My Money)

13. How can I overcome self-doubt?  (Imposter Syndrome)

14. How can I play to my strengths?  (My Strengths)

15. How can I plan my career?  (Career Plan)

16. How can I be a good team leader?  (Team Leader)

17. How can I be more motivated?  (WOOP)

18. How can I improve my wellbeing?  (Rewirements)

19. How can I be a good manager?  (Coaching Style)

20. How can I control my reactions better?  (Reactions)

21. How can I control my thoughts better?  (My Thoughts)

22. How can I handle my feelings better?  (My Feelings)

23. How can I deal with tough times better?  (Resilience)

24. How can I be more joyful?  (Joy)

25. How can I talk to others better?  (Conversation)

26. How can I feel more positive?  (Positive Emotion)

27. How can I become more engaged?  (Engagement)

28. How can I build and maintain strong relationships?  (Relationships)

29. How can I become more accomplished?  (Accomplishment)

30. How can I continue my growth?  (Growth Mindset)

31. How can I handle my need to belong?  (My Connectedness)

32. How can I have good video meetings?  (Video Meetings)

33. How can I be good at delegating?  (Delegation)

34. How can I be good at giving feedback?  (Feeding Back)

35. How can I manage my calendar?  (My Calendar)

36. How can I have productive meetings?  (Meetings)

37. How can I be a good leader?  (Situational Leadership)

38. How can I improve the quality of my thinking?  (BREATHE)

39. How can I handle suffering?  (Tragic Optimism) 

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