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SELf-Coaching Guides

This page contains a number of Self-Coaching Guides which are free to download and share. 

Each one-page sheet answers, in simple and plain English, a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) during coaching ... or a question that should be asked during coaching.

These Guides are intended to provide some essential information and complement coaching.  A Guide is not intended to replace the need for coaching on a topic as coaching will vary between different people and their various circumstances.

Click the guide you want to download it in PDF format.

1. How can I bring more balance into my life?  (Ikigai) 


2. How can I handle ‘new things’ better?  (First Times)


3. How can I manage my time more effectively?  (Time Management)


4. How can I become a much better listener?  (Listening)


5. How can I find purpose in my life?  (My Purpose)


6. How can I have better one-to-one conversations?  (One-To-One)


7. How can I have focused and structured conversations?  (GROW)


8. How can I ask effective questions?  (Questions)

9. How can I handle ‘change’ better?  (SCARF)

10. How can I understand my wellbeing?  (PERMA)

11. How can I set achievable life goals?  (Life Goals)

12. How can I manage my personal finances better?  (My Money)

13. How can I overcome self-doubt?  (Imposter Syndrome)

14. How can I play to my strengths?  (My Strengths)

15. How can I plan my career?  (Career Plan)

16. How can I be a good team leader?  (Team Leader)

17. How can I be more motivated?  (WOOP)

18. How can I improve my wellbeing?  (Rewirements)

19. How can I be a good manager?  (Coaching Style)

20. How can I control my reactions better?  (Reactions)

21. How can I control my thoughts better?  (My Thoughts)

22. How can I handle my feelings better?  (My Feelings)

23. How can I deal with tough times better?  (Resilience)

24. How can I be more joyful?  (Joy)

25. How can I talk to others better?  (Conversation)

26. How can I feel more positive?  (Positive Emotion)

27. How can I become more engaged?  (Engagement)

28. How can I build and maintain strong relationships?  (Relationships)

29. How can I become more accomplished?  (Accomplishment)

30. How can I continue my growth?  (Growth Mindset)

31. How can I handle my need to belong?  (My Connectedness)

32. How can I have good video meetings?  (Video Meetings)

33. How can I be good at delegating?  (Delegation)

34. How can I be good at giving feedback?  (Feeding Back)

35. How can I manage my calendar?  (My Calendar)

36. How can I have productive meetings?  (Meetings)

37. How can I be a good leader?  (Situational Leadership)

38. How can I improve the quality of my thinking?  (BREATHE)

39. How can I handle suffering?  (Tragic Optimism) 

Please check this page regularly as I will be updating this list as I add new Self-Coaching Guides.

If you have any feedback on these Guides or would like to suggest a FAQ for a new one, I would be glad to hear from you.

"As a consultant in the NHS with a responsibility for the wellbeing of a large group of junior doctors,
I have found these a very helpful resource to signpost people to and have no doubt they will find them useful."     

Mr Jonny Rust, Consultant in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, University Hospital Southampton UK


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The Self-coaching guides, plus extra material, have been made into a book.  Each chapter answers a question on a specific topic, with the topics grouped under the following bigger questions:

- My MindWhat happens in my mind?

- My LifeWhat direction is my life taking?

- My Values & Attitudes – What’s important in my life and how can I be more resilient?

- My Skills & BehavioursWhat’s important for me to do and how can I do better?

- My Relating to OthersWhat’s important for me to do for others and how can I do better?


In answering each question, this book provides a brief understanding of a topic and a summary of relevant methods and tools.  At the end of each chapter there is ‘More Information’ for those who want to go deeper into a topic.  Also, at the end of the book the author recommends ‘Further Reading’ for those interested in pursuing more self-coaching and personal growth.  Details of my new book can be found at this link.