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Executive coach

Executive Coaching is for anyone who is facing challenges or issues with their work and wants to improve their performance and behaviour, at any level within an organisation – not just at ‘executive’ level. 

I have experience in coaching people who are changing from a purely technical to a more managerial role, and those taking on more senior leadership roles.

career coach

Career Coaching is for anyone who is struggling with their current job or wanting a more fulfilling work life through achieving their career ambitions through considering a possible job or career change.

I have a keen interest in supporting young adults who are just beginning their careers and need some assistance in making early career choices.


Wellbeing Coaching supports people in developing the knowledge, skills and confidence to actively reach their own wellbeing goals so as to live healthy and fulfilling lives.  Rather than just focusing on a single problem area, wellbeing coaching works with a person to identify concerns or issues in all areas of their life.

I enjoy working with people of all ages and from all walks of life who have a real desire to get the most out of their lives by overcoming obstacles and developing the skills and confidence to live life to the full.


Fees are based on a sliding scale per session depending on the type of service, package (lengths and number of sessions), and location.  Concessions are available as I believe in making coaching available to all those who would genuinely benefit from it, including undertaking pro bono work. 

Contact me for your free, initial 30-minute 'taster' consultation.  

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