"The sessions with Paul were helpful as they helped me work through different career choices and gave me useful advice. It was good to be able to speak to someone impartial who could help guide me through my different career options and I feel affirmed in my choices after the sessions. Thanks for the help, Paul, I would recommend career coaching to anyone needing the help to figure out their options etc."

C. of Glasgow UK - July 2021

"These sessions came at the right time. The initial meeting allowed me to reflect, take Paul's advice and guidance in ways to improve my situation, as I saw it, and act accordingly. Paul was professional, communicative and punctual to sessions, he was friendly throughout with excellent communication and feedback. A skill was in empathising with educational issues, and personal ones. The relaxed style which Paul uses to encourage sharing and effective engagement was, I felt, important in making me look at myself. Overall, a very positive and valuable experience. Many thanks."

D. of Cumnock, East Ayrshire UK - July 2021

“Paul was great to work with, listened to what I had to say and took the time to digest and work towards achievable outcomes. He was also aware of my values and needs and looked at solution based professional goals but also took into consideration my thoughts, strengths and weaknesses to find solutions. Very professional in his approach, Paul also communicated well on a personal level, which helped the process to be a more comfortable experience. I am very thankful for the advice and guidance that he has given over my period working with him and he has helped me on to working on professional and personal goals which I had been reluctant to do. Thanks for your advice and time Paul, it's been very much appreciated and welcomed."

J. of Glasgow UK - June 2021

"Paul is a great coach. He allowed me to talk through the problems I was having without judgement and then helped me to find my own path through the issues, rather than leading me himself. We spent a few sessions and moved from me not knowing what I wanted to do, to having a solid 3-year plan for the next steps in my career. I would recommend Paul to anyone looking to advance themselves further in their career or even for someone who wants to find out a bit more about their strengths and abilities and how they are suited to their current role.” 
W. of Stamford UK - March 2021 

“Paul gave invaluable recommendations at a time when I was going through lots of change in professional and personal life which helped me to thrive. He also helped me gain clarity and focus on managing many responsibilities. I would definitely seek support from Paul again in the future.”

I. of Bridgend UK - March 2021

“Paul is really open and flexible and gave me the space to explore lots of different topics and I always felt that we got a lot out of every hour. I really valued the sessions and appreciated the support and guidance from Paul.”
E. of Manchester UK - March 2021

“I worked with Paul while I was struggling with a few things at the same time, such as family and work etc. Paul helped me to see the difficulties from different perspective while giving everything a harmony. I think he very well identified what was lacking in me and helped me to achieve it.”

A. of Cardiff UK - March 2021

"Life coaching has really helped me to recognise what I have power to change when so many things feel completely outside my control. Talking through work & home life has enabled me to prioritise my own well-being, helped me to focus on the present and therefore, made it easier to deal with pressures/stresses.

Paul is a calming influence, a great listener & always puts me at ease. Initially, I was unsure on what I wanted to achieve & Paul was able to gently guide me to work this out for myself.  I would definitely recommend life coaching with Paul. I think anyone & everyone could benefit from talking to him!"

R. of Crawley UK - December 2020

"Thanks to Paul's strong career development and conflict resolution knowledge, valuable C-Suite level work experiences and excellent listening skills, I was able to approach my career problems confidently with a well-structured plan that ultimately resulted in my desired outcomes."

N. of Hong Kong - December 2020

"The coaching I received from Paul really helped me by providing accountability and structure at a time when I felt lost. It allowed me to see that a lot of circumstances I thought were irredeemable could be solved simply by changing my perspective and being open to an alternate narrative.

Paul helped me by guiding me to solutions in a way that felt authentic to me. He always made sure to check in and ensure that any answers we came up with would have a real life impact on my life. As a result I was able to dramatically improve both my home and work relationships. Paul is an exceptional listener and by offering practical, unbiased advice he provided me with a toolkit that I’ll be able to use to improve my life for years to come."

N. of London UK - August 2020  

“Paul's coaching has given me so much confidence, and helped build my resilience so much over the six months we worked together. He helped me look at aspects of my life I found challenging, or at times hopeless, and gave me approachable ways to overcome my anxieties. Paul always listened very intently, providing guidance to help me process my thoughts. Step by step, I was able to use the tools from coaching to face these challenges, and build my confidence and outlook for the better. He's also super nice, and a very interesting guy who's full of great advice and genuinely wants you to do well!”

M. of London UK - August 2020

"Coaching has helped me take control of my emotional reactions and negative, unhelpful thoughts and feelings in challenging situations, particularly in my work as I manage teams. By learning more about myself I have gained a new confidence and perspective. I think most of the barriers I felt I had were self-made, and Paul helped me see solutions I just hadn’t considered. Together we were able to think through problems I couldn’t solve on my own. Overall it was a hugely positive and valuable experience, which has left me with tools to continue my personal development on my own."     
P. of Crawley UK - January 2020

"When I started meeting with Paul I was facing some difficult decisions in my career that would greatly affect my family and personal life. With Paul's guidance, I was able to step back from the situation and unpick the many complex factors affecting this decision. Paul helped me to see the situation more clearly and be able to understand what factors were most important to me. As a result I was able to make a decision about my career and feel confident and happy with the choice I have made. Paul was excellent at listening and asking good questions to challenge and guide my thinking, enabling me to make my own choice about my career."     

E. of Horsham UK - May 2019

"The coaching I received from Paul helped me with a number of crucial career areas.  It has helped me develop ways to approach certain situations in a different manner, but most importantly it has helped me focus in on my future career and made me realise that certain doors that I perceived to be closed are very much open.  A direct result of this has led to me diversifying my career which will help with my long-term career growth.   

Paul was engaging and kept me focussed throughout our sessions – he did not make any decision for me but helped me develop my own solutions.  To say it opened my eyes would be an understatement!"     
P. of Croydon UK - March 2019​